12 march 2019

Rehabilitation fee for Grisha Zhurkin in the “Sprout of Life” RC

The next rehabilitation course for Zhurkin Grisha is scheduled for April 2019 in the "Sprout of Life", the cost of which is UAH 17,490. Join us!

17 490 ₴ Collected: 17 490 ₴

Project objectives

Grisha Zhurkin was born on April 21, 2015 and lives with his mother in
Mariupol. His diagnosis – cerebral palsy, congenital anomaly of the brain in the form of persistent spastic tetraparesis with motor disorders and severe delay in statomotor and psycholinguistic development.
Thanks to your help, to date, the boy has passed 6 courses of hippotherapy with massage in “Sprout of Life”, 2 courses of rehabilitation in MKVL Truskavets, 2 courses Tomatis in Kharkov, massage courses in Mariupol., Which are very positive affect Grisha’s well-being and the process of his recovery.
With hippotherapy and massage according to Sandakov, Julia started treating her son when he was 1.5 years old. At that time he did not hold his head confidently, did not rise to the handles, was concise and impatient.

Today, Grisha holds his head more confidently, rises in support of the outstretched handles when lying on his stomach, makes coups from the abdomen to the back, crawls like a platoon, trying to get up on all fours.
Now the boy needs rehabilitation again. In his case, regular treatment is very important (every 2-3 months for maximum effect).
The next rehabilitation course is scheduled for April 2019 in the Sprout of Life, the cost of which is UAH 17,490.
We ask you to join and support Grisha in the fight for a healthy future!

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