24 june 2016

Fundraising for vouchers for the children of fallen ATO soldiers and Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

We are raising funds for trips to the Dolphin Children's Sanatorium for children who lost their breadwinners due to hostilities in the east of the country.

80 528 ₴ Collected: 80 528 ₴

Project objectives

Since last year, the For the Children of Ukraine Charitable Foundation has taken on the responsibility of helping the families of the fallen ATO heroes. During 2015, we were actively involved in the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of these children, namely: 196 children had a rest on the Black Sea coast and 51 children had the opportunity to visit Bukovel.
Due to the fact that the situation in the east of the country has not improved and many families have been left without breadwinners, we have received even more appeals. Today there is a need to continue this kind of work.
Rest and recuperation are the least we can offer for these children at the moment.
Therefore, our Charitable Foundation “For the Children of Ukraine” within the program “We are with you” begins raising funds for trips to the Children’s Sanatorium “Dolphin” in the Kherson region for children who lost their breadwinners due to hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

The children’s sanatorium “Dolphin” (Kherson region, Skadovsk) since 2000 has been successfully working in the field of summer health and recreation for children over 7 years, and is one of the best institutions on the Black Sea. During this period, they have become our friends and partners who provide support in the form of vouchers at minimum prices.
For the third arrival (July 2016), the base is ready to accommodate 30 children from five regions of the country. The cost of one voucher is only 2800 hryvnias, which includes accommodation for 18 days, 5 meals a day, 5 life insurance, life insurance against accidents, work of psychologists, English language courses, cultural and entertainment program, excursions, water park and transfer from Kherson to Skadovsk . Additional costs will be the payment of train tickets in both directions for 30 children – UAH 7,500.
We are sure that you will not stay away from this, so we ask for financial support in the implementation of this project.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

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