15 may 2019

Valeria Ryzhak needs your help! Join us!

Valeria Ryzhak needs Orthoz FAFO, its price is UAH 9,920. We ask you to join and give Valeria a chance to recover!

9 920 ₴ Collected: 9 920 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Ryzhak Valeria. The girl was born on March 20, 2014 and lives with her parents in Khmelnytsky. Her diagnosis is spastic tetraperesis, symptomatic epilepsy (drug remission since 2014), partial optic nerve atrophy.
On the 20th day of life, the girls showed signs of SARS. After the first injection of antibiotics in the hospital, the child began to have seizures. She was taken to the intensive care unit where she fell into a coma. The girl’s condition was improving and deteriorating, so she was redirected to Okhmatdyt, Kyiv.
The first two hospitalizations told Valeria’s mother that everything would be fine and there were no pathologies. And on the third hospitalization they made a terrible diagnosis. And from that moment the parents began to fight for the life of their child.

The following courses were held: 5 courses of rehabilitation at the Ukrainian Medical Center for Rehabilitation of Children, 2 courses at Truskavets, 2 courses at Elite Lviv, 1 course at Tomatis Ukraine Center, Kharkiv, 6 courses at the Center for Rehabilitation and Early Care for Blind Children St. John Paul II “World of Hope”, 4 courses of rehabilitation by the method of Tomatis in the center “Baby +” Khmelnitsky, 2 courses in the Odessa regional rehabilitation center “Future”.
Each rehabilitation course gave its results and new skills. Valeria is sitting alone, she started crawling, now she is actively trying to get up and stand at the support, walking with support. But the feet turn inward and therefore experts recommend using orthoses to properly remove the legs.
Doctors say that the girl has every chance to learn to walk on their own, the main thing is not to stop. But the parents’ financial resources were exhausted and they were forced to seek help for the first time. The cost of “FAFO Orthosis” is UAH 9,920.
We ask you to join and give Valeria a chance to recover!

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