23 july 2018

New desks are needed in Ulyanovsk boarding school!

Ulyanovsk boarding school needs to buy new desks and chairs. The required amount is UAH 147,500. Join us!

147 500 ₴ Collected: 147 500 ₴

Project objectives

135 children live and study in the Municipal Institution of the Sumy Regional Council – Ulyanovsk Special Boarding School of Bilopil District.
But, unfortunately, all the premises of the institution need major repairs, furniture and equipment have long been replaced, and funding is catastrophically lacking, and it is allocated mainly for children’s meals and utilities. To ensure proper learning for these children, it is necessary to purchase desks and chairs.
Statistics show that 70% of school-age children have problems with the musculoskeletal system. This is primarily due to the fact that children are forced to sit at desks that do not meet the requirements of their body for several school hours. Today, the best option is anti-scoliosis desks, which are regulated according to the age of children, so they are designed for students from 1 to 11 classes.
That is why BF For the Children of Ukraine is starting to raise funds for the purchase of 125 new desks and chairs. The required amount is UAH 147,500.
Join us!
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