24 june 2021

Ulyanovka needs your help! Join us!

Ulyanovsk boarding school needs funds to purchase 94 sleeping sets and 188 towels. The required amount is UAH 41,000. Join us!

41 000 ₴ Collected: 41 000 ₴

Project objectives

Thanks to your help, we have helped many orphanages and we all understand the conditions in which children live there. Our goal is to make the stay within the walls of the “home” comfortable.
To date, our charity has been asked to purchase new sleeping sets by the administration of the Sumy Regional Council’s Ulyanovsk Special Boarding School in the Bilopil district, where 96 students study and live.
Unfortunately, due to frequent washing, textiles quickly lose their quality and children’s institutions need to be replaced.
Therefore, we are starting to raise funds for the purchase of 94 bedroom sets and 188 towels. The required amount, taking into account transport costs, is about 41,000 UAH.
Join us!

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