02 september 2021

Urgent collection for Lukyanova Ilona for the operation!

Urgent fee for an operation in Serbia worth € 4,200. We ask you to join and help Ilona, who is raised by her mother!

61 000 ₴ Collected: 61 000 ₴

Project objectives

I am asking you for support in the treatment of Ilona Lukyanova, born on December 25, 2013. Her diagnosis is bladder exstrophy, bladder segmentation augmentation.
All her life the girl struggles with this disease. 8 operations were performed in Serbia. Unfortunately, this disease needs gradual reconstruction.
Doctor Rados Djinovic (Serbia, Belgrade), one of the best exstrophy correction surgeons in the world, will correct the girl’s bladder neck.
The operation is scheduled for September 30, its cost is € 2,000 (UAH 64,000).

In addition to the operation costs a lot: rent for 30 days (30 € / day – 900 €), flight – about 20 000 UAH, taxi in both directions 40-60 €, tests on Covid before the flight – 1900 UAH, tests on Covid in the clinic before operation – 1900 UAH, additional costs (medicines, catheters, gel) – up to 500 €. And this is approximately 2,200 € (70,000 UAH).
For a mother raising two daughters herself, this amount is unaffordable to go to Serbia and have surgery on her daughter.
For all the funds we can raise, it is reported by check.
Please support Ilonka and help her improve her life!

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