07 august 2018

Urgently! Chepurnyak Ksenia needs your help! Join us!

Ksenia Chepurnyak needs an urgent operation! Its cost is UAH 26,000. and payment must be made by August 8! Join us!

26 000 ₴ Collected: 26 000 ₴

Project objectives

Ksenia Ruslanivna Chepurnyak, who was born on May 18, 2010 and lives with her parents in the city of Kodyma, Odessa region, needs an urgent operation.
The girl was diagnosed with a hamartroma of the lower eyelid and the area moved to the right. Euroblepharon on the right.

The tumor has not yet affected the eye (which will affect the girl’s vision) and the brain, and therefore urgent surgery is needed to remove it, which is scheduled for August 8, 2018.
Its cost is UAH 26,000, and payment must be made by August 8. For parents, this amount is unaffordable, and time is very short.
We ask you to join!

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