05 september 2017

Warm blanket in the orphanage!

Let's warm up the pupils of "Zlagoda" this winter with our care! You need to buy 20 bedroom sets. Join us!

12 000 ₴ Collected: 12 000 ₴

Project objectives

A crib is a small, own world .. where a child, wrapped in a warm blanket at night, can dream of family comfort, love and a bright future .. And especially in the cold season, which is very close!
We are well aware of the conditions in which they live and study, as there are not enough budget funds for such institutions. But still, agree,
It is very important that the stay in the orphanage was as cozy and comfortable as possible, and the rest was pleasant and comfortable.
Recently, the administration of the Zlagoda Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, where 50 children are currently staying, asked our charity to buy new sleeping sets.
We, representatives of the BF “For the Children of Ukraine”, within the program “Warmth in every orphanage”, want to ask all people for support in purchasing 20 bedding sets (blankets, pillows, bedding). The required amount, taking into account transport costs, is about UAH 12,000.
Thanks to your help and support, so many good deeds have been done. So let’s not stop there and give warmth and do good together!

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