28 june 2019

Ruslana Sidorenko needs your help! Join us! Very little time!

Ruslana Sidorenko needs your help! Diagnosis - malignant hemangioendothelioma at the level of C3-C4. At this stage of treatment you need UAH 726,117!

726 117 ₴ Collected: 90 000 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Sidorenko Ruslana Ruslanovna.
The girl was born on March 20, 2005 and lives with her mother in Dnipro. She was diagnosed with malignant hemangioendothelioma at the C3-C4 level.
It all started with a minor injury. In August 2018, a girl fell on Ruslana while dancing in the camp and injured her. Pain in the neck and shoulders began, doctors decided it was a bruise and treated with ointments with a warming and analgesic effect. But the pain did not go away for months.
In March 2018, the girl’s mother, Tatiana, turned to another neurosurgeon, who found the tumor and scheduled an examination (MRI, biopsy, blood tests, CT). Then he was sent to the Neurosurgery Center in Kyiv, and from there to the Oncology Center to rule out cancer. But the assumption was confirmed.
The tumor grows very quickly and is in a very dangerous place – it covers the right vertebral artery and compresses it, narrows the larynx and penetrates the spinal canal, occupying 1 \ 2 of its lumen and displacing the spinal cord.

She strangles the girl and is likely to be completely paralyzed. The girl eats almost nothing, she is bored. Sleeps more than 20 hours a day. Since the pain is very strong you have to inject a light drug.
Oncology is very valuable in treatment and today the girl’s mother is considering 2 clinics: in Belarus and Israel, but is still waiting for confirmation of the diagnosis and believes that everything is not as scary as doctors say. But time is running out for us, and fundraising cannot be delayed.
Israel has billed $ 32,750. Thanks to caring people from the school where the girl studied, from the church where she sang in the choir, at her mother’s work, she managed to raise $ 5,000. But 27,750 US dollars are still missing, which at the NBU exchange rate is currently equivalent to 726,117 hryvnias.
The girl’s mother does not have such funds. That’s why we, the representatives of the For the Children of Ukraine Charitable Foundation, turn to all concerned people for help and ask them to join! Ruslana needs you very much!

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