01 february 2022

Rozova Anna needs your help! Join us!

Rehabilitation is scheduled for April 26, 2022 at the Victoria Rehabilitation Center "Child", its cost is 32,000 UAH.

32 000 ₴ Collected: 1 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Rozova Anna Andreevna.
Anyuta is a long-awaited and the only daughter in the family, she was born on November 20, 2012. But it turned out that she was injured during childbirth. The next day they were discharged from the maternity hospital, and after a while the mother noticed that her daughter’s eyes were “running” and went to the clinic. There they were told that everything should be restored within a month. But no change has taken place.
After a complete examination, the girl was diagnosed with MIA of the brain, equinus deformity of both feet, spastic tetraparesis.
Since then, Julia, Anna’s mother, has not given up and has been fighting for the full life of her child for 7 years. Constant massages, exercise therapy, swimming pool, drug treatment, rehabilitation give results.

Thanks to your help, Anyuta took a rehabilitation course at the VICTORIA Child Rehabilitation Center in 2020. The parents are trying very hard to treat their daughter on their own, but there are not enough funds and they were forced to contact us again.
The next rehabilitation course is scheduled for April 26, 2022 at the Victoria Rehabilitation Center “Child”, located in Boryspil, Kyiv region.
It costs 32,000 hryvnias, and the mother has to rent and pay for housing throughout the course.
We ask you to join and support Anyuta and Julia in this fight for a healthy girl’s life!
We sincerely believe in your good hearts and look forward to your support!

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