11 january 2016

Rehabilitation of families of fallen ATO soldiers and heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, Carpathians, 3rd race

Children, women and mothers of fallen ATO soldiers and heroes of the Heavenly Hundred will go to the Carpathians for rehabilitation (Mykulychyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region)

46 200 ₴ Collected: 46 200 ₴

Project objectives

First of all, thank you to everyone who supported the project of our Charitable Foundation. Thanks to you, 2015 was quite productive for our organization, as well as for the families and children we care for. In November and December 2015, 35 families (more than 80 people) who lost their breadwinners due to the armed conflict in Donbas attended rehabilitation. Many children were left without a father, which greatly affected their moral and material condition. But this is just the beginning of our project to help families who have lost their breadwinners, because many more families need the same rehabilitation, so rest and recovery are the least we can offer them at the moment.
Previous visits to the Carpathians, which took place in October and November 2015, gave a good result. Therefore, the NGO “For the Children of Ukraine”, within the program “We are with you”, continues to raise funds for trips to the recreation center “Prince’s Tower” in Mykulychyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, where selected good psychologists who will work on psychological condition of families, and especially children.

Mild climate, mountains, skiing, excursions to the craftsman’s house, conquest of Pogar mountain and a visit to the Carpathian National Natural Park, a master class from a potter, gingerbread painting and many other activities – all this contributes to moral, psychological and physical rehabilitation of children of fallen heroes of anti-terrorist operation. Many walking excursions, hikes, master classes for all ages and physical training have been developed for recreation. Arrival will take place from January 25, 2016 to February 2, 2016. The base is ready to accommodate 22 people from all regions of Ukraine. The total cost of the whole trip is only 46,200 hryvnias (1 family – 4,200 hryvnias, children aged 8 to 12), which includes transfer Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk – base “Prince’s Tower”, as well as daily trips to Bukovel, accommodation for 8 days, 4 balanced meals, medical ski insurance and accident insurance, work of psychologists and animators, equipment rental and work of instructors, cultural and entertainment program, materials for master classes, excursions to picturesque places.

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