29 august 2018

Rehabilitation for Zhurkin Grisha. Join us!

The next rehabilitation course for Zhurkin Hryhoriy is planned for November 2018, the cost of which is UAH 18,605. Join us!

18 605 ₴ Collected: 18 605 ₴

Project objectives

Zhurkin Hryhoriy – with your help he passed 2 courses of rehabilitation, which had a very positive effect on his health!
Since his birth, Grisha has lived in Mariupol with his mother. The boy’s diagnosis is cerebral palsy, a congenital anomaly of the brain in the form of persistent spastic tetraparesis with motor disorders and severe delay in statomotor and psycholinguistic development.
Grisha’s mother, Julia, is raising her son herself and her financial resources are limited, so they need our support. After all, regular treatment and finding the most effective method is very important for a boy.
The next rehabilitation course is planned for November 2018 in Kharkiv in the Olena Kushnirska Rehabilitation Center using the Tomatis method, which costs UAH 18,605.
Join us! Let’s help together!

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