26 march 2019

Rehabilitation for Grisha in the Olena Kushnirska Rehabilitation Center according to the Tomatis method!

The rehabilitation course is scheduled for July 1, 2019, its cost is UAH 18,605. Join us!

18 605 ₴ Collected: 18 605 ₴

Project objectives

We continue to support Zhurkin Grisha on his way to recovery!
Thanks to the help of caring people, the boy underwent 6 courses of hippotherapy with massage in “Sprout of Life” (7th year, April, already paid), 2 courses of rehabilitation in MKVL Truskavets, 2 courses Tomatis in Kharkov, massage courses in .Mariupol., Which have a very positive effect on Grisha’s health and the process of his recovery.
To date, Grisha holds his head more confidently, rises in support of the outstretched handles when lying on his stomach, makes coups from the abdomen to the back, crawls like a platoon, trying to get up on all fours. With each rehabilitation, the boy is confidently approaching a healthy life! But regular treatment is important (every 2-3 months).
Grisha’s mother raises her alone and therefore lacks funds.
The next rehabilitation course is scheduled for July 1, 2019 in Kharkiv at the Olena Kushnirska Rehabilitation Center using the Tomatis method, which costs UAH 18,605.
We ask everyone to join and support Grishka!

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