09 april 2015

Shelter for children №1

Location: 28-v Mayakovskoho Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine Number of pupils, their age and sex: 120 children, aged 3-18 years

10 000 ₴ Collected: 10 000 ₴

Project objectives

The children’s shelter in Troieschyna at 28a Mayakovskoho Street is what used to be called a police station. Now it is one of the three shelters in Kyiv, where by law children are left for no more than 3 months. Children from the street get there with the help of the police, or they come themselves, because they know that there will always be a place and food for them.
Children are indoors, can go out on the courtyard. On average, there are about 70 children in the shelter.

New ones are constantly arriving, less of those whose problems have been solved or partially solved by the Department for Minors. For example, a quarrel with parents. If they are orphans, they are sent to boarding schools.
Stationery is constantly needed, activities for children are still very much needed: theatrical performances, concerts, educational programs. It is important that these children see value in friendly communication, learning, discipline.

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