30 january 2017

We continue to donate “Warmth in every orphanage”

In order for children to stay warm, the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities DOR (Dnipro) needs to replace 129 windows. Join us!

350 491 ₴ Collected: 350 491 ₴

Project objectives

Last year, in order to insulate orphanages, our Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation” For the Children of Ukraine “launched the program” Warmth in every orphanage.

Already this winter, thanks to the support of caring Ukrainians, pupils of the following institutions lived in warmth: Chyhyryn special boarding school of I-II grades, Odessa boarding school for children with disabilities, Bohodukhiv orphanage, Zaporizhia regional center for social and psychological rehabilitation Kyiv Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children.
But the issue of insulation is just as acute today.
In many orphanages, the internal temperature of the premises does not meet the established sanitary norms, as a result of which children suffer and become ill. Many institutions need a complete replacement of the heating system, installation of boilers, replacement of windows, wall insulation.

According to research on the level of heat consumption, up to 50% of heat is consumed through the walls, 25% through windows and doors, and 20% through the roof. Therefore, by insulating the premises, we will solve a number of problems such as improving the health of children, improving the quality of life in the institution and be able to minimize heat consumption, which in turn will help reduce heating costs by up to 30%.
Therefore, the BF “For the Children of Ukraine” in the framework of the All-Ukrainian program “Heat in every orphanage” continues to raise funds for the insulation of children’s institutions.
Currently, the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities needs help (1 m. Tabachna St., Dnipro). In order for children to have warmth in the rooms, it is necessary to replace 129 windows with new, metal-plastic energy-saving ones.
The total amount is about 470,000 hryvnias.
If you have the opportunity and desire to help in this noble cause, please support.
Only together we can change the country for the better!

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