27 july 2021

Ponomarenko Tymofiy needs your help! Join us!

Ponomarenko Tymofiy needs your help! Rehabilitation is scheduled for October 8, 2021, and its cost is UAH 23,010. Join us!

23 010 ₴ Collected: 23 010 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Ponomarenko Timothy, born on May 27, 2016.
Timothy had asphyxia (wrapped around the umbilical cord) during childbirth. His diagnosis is an organic lesion of the central nervous system, delayed speech development, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
At the age of four, the mother took her son to a neurologist in Kharkiv, where he was prescribed medication, but nothing changed, the boy did not speak. Then they went to a geneticist where they were prescribed diet and treatment. The boy became less ill and began to say a few words, but they stopped there, and his vocabulary is very small, it is very difficult for him to speak. He is currently undergoing examinations, taking drugs, and is registered with geneticists, a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a cardiologist.

Doctors recommend treatment in rehabilitation centers, he needs comprehensive classes with specialists: speech pathologist, speech therapist, psychologist, art therapy, sensory integration.
The mother is raising three children: Denis, 15, Ksenia, 13, and Timothy, 5. The eldest son has had Hodgkin’s lymphoma since 2017. From 2017 to 2018, they were treated with chemotherapy and radiation, then treatment, CT scans, tomography. They need to go for check-ups every three months. Funds for treatment are needed a lot and the family can not cope alone.
Timothy’s first rehabilitation is scheduled for October 8, 2021, and its cost is UAH 23,010. Please respond to our request for help!

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