26 june 2017

Give Maxim the opportunity to walk on his own!

From birth, the boy needs treatment. In order for Maksymko to be able to walk on his own, it is extremely necessary for him to undergo rehabilitation courses. Join us!

11 250 ₴ Collected: 11 250 ₴

Project objectives

Nail Maxim is a shy, sincere, cheerful ten-year-old boy.
He was born on November 25, 2006 in the city of Slavuta, Khmelnytsky region.
The boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
From birth, the boy needs treatment, because he was born prematurely, at 27 months of pregnancy.
Currently, thanks to rehabilitation courses in specialized centers, Maximko has learned to sit, crawl, kneel, and at this stage of treatment, although with support, but can walk. All the effort, exercise, pain and long years of waiting and hope finally pay off.
But in order for the purposeful Maksymko to be able to walk independently, play football with friends and just enjoy his life, he desperately needs to undergo rehabilitation courses. The next such course is scheduled for September in Khmelnytsky (PE Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Disabled Children “Apis – Melifika”). Its cost is UAH 11,250, but all of Maxim’s mother’s financial resources have been exhausted, as she is raising her only son herself.
We appeal to all concerned people for support and help, because every hryvnia of your help is another step of Maxim!

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