21 february 2018

Give Darina a chance to move freely!

For April 2018, the girl is scheduled for another rehabilitation course, the price of which is UAH 6,000. We ask you to join and help!

6 000 ₴ Collected: 6 000 ₴

Project objectives

We ask for your help on the way to Darina Kravchenko’s recovery.
The girl is 11 months old, and she still does not sit on her own, does not crawl, does not get to her feet, lags behind in psychological development, because from 5 months of age she was diagnosed with flaccid tetraparesis (mostly lower extremities) due to polyradiculoneuropathy.
Due to her young age and favorable prognosis of doctors, it is possible to get her back on her feet, but this requires frequent and intensive rehabilitation courses (massage, exercise therapy). and performs tightening movements with them.
For April 2018, the girl is scheduled for the next rehabilitation course at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation “Step by Step”, the price of which is 6000 UAH.
Please do not be indifferent and help Darinka continue her treatment!
physiotherapy), for which parents do not have enough money.

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