10 august 2017

Support Volyn Darinka! Only together we will give her a full life!

Another step to recovery costs UAH 12,500. Join us!

12 500 ₴ Collected: 12 500 ₴

Project objectives

Volyn Darynka is a small, fragile and purposeful girl who was born on September 2, 2011 and lives with her parents in Skvyra, Kyiv region.
At the age of four months, she was diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy, delayed statokinetic and psychological development. And since then she began to fight for a full life.
During the last period of treatment the girl became noticeably better. She has already started to walk 2 kilometers, although with support, she started talking, and the most important recent MRI showed that there is no brain damage and doctors predict a 100% recovery!
Therefore, rehabilitation courses must be continued!
The next rehabilitation course is scheduled for November 6, 2017 at the Free Movement Child Development Center LLC (Boryspil, Kyiv region), the cost of which is UAH 12,500.
So we appeal to all concerned people! Let’s give a healthy life to this little girl together!
Join us!

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