04 november 2019

Orthoses for Denis Kaminsky! Join us!

Denis Kaminsky needs to buy FAFO EL orthoses, the cost of which is UAH 10,080. Join us!

10 080 ₴ Collected: 10 080 ₴

Project objectives

Denis Kaminsky was born on February 19, 2014 with a double, tight wrap around his neck, resulting in severe asphyxia. Unfortunately, the doctor who did the ultrasound the day before the birth did not notice the entanglement … his diagnosis – cerebral palsy, spastic tetraperesis, as a consequence of severe asphyxia.
Since then, the parents have been fighting for the full life of their child and together the boy has undergone 26 rehabilitation courses, which have already given very good results, helped to acquire new skills and abilities. The boy turns over himself, can sit with the support on the handles for up to 1 minute, with support for the torso stomps.

What is very important, Denis’ intellect is completely preserved, he is a very smart, clever boy, he loves children very much and repeats everything after them.
But in order to properly remove the legs while walking, he needs FAFO EL orthoses, which cost UAH 10,080.
We ask you to join and give Denis a chance to recover! Join us!


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