05 october 2018

New beds in Ulyanovsk! Join us!

Ulyanovsk boarding school needs to buy 110 new beds. The required amount is UAH 243,650. Join us!

243 650 ₴ Collected: 110 000 ₴

Project objectives

135 children live and study in the Municipal Institution of the Sumy Regional Council – Ulyanovsk Special Boarding School of Bilopil District.
And within the framework of the “We are with you” program, we want to help these children not only with desks, but also with the most important thing – beds!
We all know that quality beds are the key to healthy sleep and this is very important for the human body, especially children.

After all, in a dream rests not only the body but also the brain, gaining inspiration for the next day.
But alas, in this institution there are old armored beds on which not only to sleep, but also to sit is not comfortable…
That is why BF For the Children of Ukraine is starting to raise funds for the purchase of 110 new beds with mattresses. The required amount is UAH 243,650.
Join us! Let’s help together!

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