11 april 2019

Medical equipment for the sanatorium “Periwinkle”. 2nd stage of collection

For the Children's Specialized (Special) Sanatorium "BARVINOK" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "you need to buy 2 medical devices. The required amount is UAH 46,000.

46 000 ₴ Collected: 46 000 ₴

Project objectives

To date, the material and technical base of such institutions does not meet modern requirements as it is very outdated or completely absent, and funding is catastrophically lacking.
One of such institutions is the Children’s Specialized (Special) Sanatorium “BARVINOK” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Over the years, it has received, healed and cured many young patients with respiratory tuberculosis and children at risk for tuberculosis, so in the last 3 years alone, the sanatorium has treated about 4,000 children from all regions of Ukraine.
To date, the urgent need of the institution has been the purchase of medical equipment, which is already physically and morally obsolete.

With the help of caring people, we managed to buy for the institution: MIDAS-EK1T electrocardiograph, UHF device – 80-4 and device for ultrasound therapy Biomed SONIC-SNIMU PRO UT 1041. But to ensure efficiency, we also need:
– Aquadestillator DE-4 – 2 pieces (approximate price UAH 22,000);
– Air sterilizer GP-80 – 2pcs (approximate price UAH 24,000);
Therefore, BO “For the Children of Ukraine” continues to raise funds for their purchase. The required amount, including delivery, is about 46,000 UAH.
We ask you to join!

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