22 july 2016

Matviyko Skidan

Matviyka was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - myeloblastic syndrome (thrombocytopenia); megakaryoblastic acute leukemia, preleukemic stage.

3 325 000 ₴ Collected: 3 325 000 ₴

Project objectives

Skidan Vitaliy Valeriyovych is a very kind, good and sensitive person who took part in all our projects and actions, saving the lives of children with his contribution. But his family was in trouble.
His 6-year-old son, Matviyka, was diagnosed with a terrible myeloblastic syndrome (thrombocytopenia); megakaryoblastic acute leukemia, preleukemic stage (diagnosis of Okhmatdit).
The boy urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. Such operations are very complex, and therefore they are recommended to be performed in foreign clinics (Medipol Mega International University Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey was chosen).

In the case of Matviyko, two options for possible treatment are predicted. The first – a bone marrow transplant (recently analyzed for compatibility with the younger brother, we expect results). The second (if the diagnosis is confirmed – leukemia) – four courses of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
The amount announced to the family in the first case was 80,000 to 135,000 US dollars. In the second case – 100 000 – 155 000 US dollars.
According to doctors, the chances of recovery are huge !!! But such a sum for the boy’s treatment is unaffordable for his family.
Therefore, we ask you not to be indifferent to other people’s grief and to join the joint fundraising, because in this case every minute is valuable.
Only by joint efforts will we be able to raise these funds and give Matviychyk a chance at life!

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