05 october 2015

Maxim Moroz

Three weeks ago, Maxim was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis: nephroblastoma - a malignant tumor of the kidney, stage IV, there are metastases in the lungs. His condition is very serious.

50 000 ₴ Collected: 50 000 ₴

Project objectives

Three weeks ago, the boy was diagnosed with a terrible disease: nephroblastoma, ie a malignant tumor of the kidney, stage 4, there are metastases in the lungs. The boy’s condition is very serious.
The kid began to undergo an urgent initial course of chemotherapy on the street. Space in Dnepropetrovsk. Treatment bills from Israel and Germany have put parents at a dead end.
Then, a few days later, there was still hope – the answer came from Belarus. Maxim is ready to accept, but the amount still remains significant: from 45 to 50 thousand dollars. A family with one child, the youngest, does not have such financial means. Now Maxim and his mother are in Kyiv. Tanya is ready to do anything to save her son, but there are no places in the clinic yet. They are waiting for help in a boarding house at the hospital. The chemistry did not go unnoticed for the child: he almost lost his hair, lost his appetite and is constantly tormented by abdominal pain.
We ask all concerned people to respond and help this wonderful family cope with the trials that befell them! Let’s unite and give Maxim a chance to defeat this terrible monster called “cancer”!

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