27 april 2017

Kubara Victoria (II stage of the collection)

Kubara Victoria needs our help! A course of treatment is planned for July at the Yatsenko Clinic, the cost of which is UAH 28,800.

28 800 ₴ Collected: 28 800 ₴

Project objectives

Kubara Victoria, born on May 9, 2009, needs our help!
Vika and her brother were born prematurely due to a multiple pregnancy complicated by anamnesis and the death of one fetus. From the triple Vikusya was born the third, weighing 1100g. On the first day, Vikusya was transferred to the intensive care unit, where she remained for a month. Difficult childbirth, deep prematurity, CNS damage – all this was the reason that in the year of the Age was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Therefore, every 1.5-2 months the girl needs treatment.
Vika’s parents are intensively involved – they have already passed 15 rehabilitation courses at Kazyavkin’s clinic, undergo hippotherapy, go to specialized sanatoriums – Dachne and Hadzhebey, periodically undergo massage and exercise therapy courses.

Thanks to the help of caring people, funds for rehabilitation were raised on June 12, 2017 in the city of Truskavets, Lviv region (International Rehabilitation Clinic LLC)!
But a course of treatment is planned for July at the Yatsenko clinic, the cost of which is UAH 28,800.
At the moment, the young family with two sick children has exhausted all their savings, so they are hoping for our support and help!
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