03 march 2021

Anastasia Korneva needs your help! Join us!

Anastasia Korneva needs your help! The rehabilitation course is scheduled for May 27 and costs UAH 31,660. Join us!

31 660 ₴ Collected: 31 660 ₴

Project objectives

Korneva Anastasia is a very cheerful and smart girl! She was born on January 29, 2016 by caesarean section weighing 1650g. The girl spent the first month of her life in intensive care, and at the age of 3 months she underwent brain surgery. Her diagnosis was acquired posthemorrhagic subcompensated internal hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis syndrome, hip dysplasia.
After being discharged from the hospital, massages began, and at the age of 6 months she contracted measles and her rehabilitation was stopped due to a constant cough. Soon the parents began to rehabilitate their daughter again.
Thanks to massages, exercise therapy, medical treatment, little Anastasia learned to hold her head, turn over, crawl and start talking!

But, unfortunately, in 1 year and 8 months there was a dysfunction of the shunt system and she underwent another operation ..
The girl is 5 years old and she is a real fighter! Many rehabilitation courses have a positive effect on Anastasia! The girl’s intelligence is completely preserved and doctors give a great chance for recovery, but you need to constantly practice.
The next rehabilitation course at the Sprout of Life is scheduled for May 27, 2021 and costs UAH 31,660. It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to pay for their daughter’s treatment, so we are asking for your help.
We ask you to join and support Anastasia in her struggle for a healthy and full life!

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