01 january 2022

Haustov George needs your help! Join us!

Haustov George needs your help! The next rehabilitation course in "Space Clinik" is scheduled for February 14, 2022 and its cost is UAH 19,250.

19 250 ₴ Collected: 19 250 ₴

Project objectives

We ask for help for Haustov George, born on December 7, 2015.
The boy was born at 30 weeks of pregnancy by emergency cesarean section, then 6 days in intensive care, a month in the department for premature babies. The parents were told that everything would be fine. But the boy did not raise his head in time, did not turn over, although from 3 months his mother drove him to the pool, did massages.
At the age of 9 months, the boy was treated at the Kharkiv Neurological Hospital, but the wrong treatment provoked epilepsy … after which he was diagnosed with Vesta Syndrome.
One year was disability, diagnosed with Spastic cerebral palsy (double hemiplegia), symptomatic epilepsy (stage of drug remission). And since then, parents have been fighting for their son’s health.
Recovering a child with cerebral palsy is a series of ongoing rehabilitations, possible surgeries, and regular homework. In addition to classes at home, rehabilitation courses were held in:
1. Kharkiv Regional Orphanage “Hippocrates”, 10 courses

2. Kharkiv Regional Orphanage №3, 5 courses
3. Rehabilitation Center “Victoria”, Boryspil, 2 courses.
4. Tomatis-Ukraine Center (now Space Clinic), 5 courses
5. Rehabilitation Center “Rostok Zhyttia”, more than 10 courses.
Also at the age of 3.5 in the city of Sumy, an operation was performed using the Ulzybat method, which improved the situation with spasticity.
The next rehabilitation course in “Space Clinik” is scheduled for February 14, 2022 and its cost is UAH 19,250.
We ask you to join and support George!

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