29 august 2017

Grisha Zhurkin needs your help!

For dressing up Grisha, rehabilitation is necessary. Please, get involved!

10 850 ₴ Collected: 10 850 ₴

Project objectives

Grisha Zhurkin is a long-awaited and desirable child who had to fight for his life from birth. His diagnosis is congenital anomaly of the brain in the form of persistent spastic tetraparesis with motor disorders and severe delay in statomotor and psycholinguistic development.
At the age of 3 days with such a severe diagnosis he was transferred to the Department of Neonatal Pathology in Mariupol, and was discharged from there at almost one month of age. Such a small but real fighter … because the doctors did not give any guarantees not only for recovery, but even for survival. Prolonged medical treatment, massages and exercise therapy invaded his life.
Grisha’s mother is trying hard to find the means to undergo rehabilitation courses to overcome her pathological reflexes and acquire new skills. At such a young age, namely 2 years and 4 months, a very difficult path and many rehabilitation courses have been passed.
Cerebral palsy is an insidious diagnosis and regular rehabilitation at an early age is the most effective. You can’t waste precious time for Grisha. Regular observations, treatment in rehabilitation centers every 2-3 months are just necessary for this little boy.
We, the NGO “For the Children of Ukraine” and mother Hryshko, urge all concerned people to join in his recovery!

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