25 october 2016

Garkusha Victoria

Victoria needs "new ears"!

88 561 ₴ Collected: 88 561 ₴

Project objectives

Recently, Natalia Demchenko applied to our Charitable Foundation “For the Children of Ukraine” to help her daughter Victoria Garkusha. A three-year-old girl has hearing problems, the diagnosis sounds like “bilateral sensorineural hearing loss IV-V degree.”

Victoria was born on September 17, 2013 and lives with her parents in the village of Solone, Dnipropetrovsk region.
In order for a girl to be able to fully develop and enjoy her childhood, she needs new hearing aids (hearing aid SENSEI PRO SP BTE 13 WL 110 terracotta, battery 13 zinc-air.), The cost of which is 98,538 hryvnias.
The rural family does not have such funds. Therefore, the NGO “For the Children of Ukraine” and Victoria’s parents appeal to all concerned to help their daughter hear this world.
Only by joint efforts will we be able to raise the required amount and help the girl get the dream of hearing!

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