21 april 2021

Drimanov Timur needs your help! Join us!

Drimanov Timur needs your help! The next course of rehabilitation in the "Sprout of Life" is 26,950 UAH. Join us!

26 950 ₴ Collected: 26 950 ₴

Project objectives

Drimanova Timur was born on March 30, 2015 from the 1st pregnancy, complicated by the threat of abortion, premature and premature birth (long dry period, sciatic presentation of the fetus), in hypoxia, weighing 1300g. From the first days of life intensive therapy was carried out.
Since then, parents have been fighting for the full life and development of the child. Completed 5 rehabilitation courses at the Kozyavkin Clinic in Truskavets, 1 course at the Yevtushenko Center in Donetsk, 1 course at the Victoria Rehabilitation Center in Boryspil, 1 course at the Andriyash RC in Kyiv, 2 courses at the Free Movement RC in Slavutych , 7 courses at the Rostock of Life RC in Kharkiv, and courses from specialists in Kramatorsk.
By the age of 6, Timur has achieved very good results: he talks, knows how to sit, sits down himself, stands with incomplete support, eats himself, walks on high knees, stands without support, walks more confidently with one handle. The boy is very inquisitive, likes to sing very well and quickly learns poetry.
Doctors give great chances for recovery. But rehabilitation courses must be constant.
The cost of the next course in “Sprout of Life” is UAH 26,950. It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to pay for their son’s treatment, so we are asking for your help.
We ask you to join and support Timurchik in his struggle for a healthy life without restrictions!

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