29 june 2019

Help save Ruslana! She really needs you!

Ruslanka was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing's sarcoma. Help save another life!

764 621 ₴ Collected: 155 000 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Sidorenko Ruslana Ruslanovna.
To confirm and further treatment, the girls finally stopped at a clinic in the Republic of Belarus. The choice was influenced by the extensive experience of doctors in the field of oncology and more reasonable prices compared to Israel. Specialists of the center also conducted a complete examination (MRI, CT, biopsy) to confirm the diagnosis. The results confirmed that the tumor is malignant, but completely different! Unfortunately, in Ukraine, a misdiagnosis was made.
The real diagnosis is Ewing’s sarcoma stage 4. This tumor is very aggressive, develops in stages 4 from 0 to 5-7 months, grows very quickly and is in a very dangerous place – covers the right vertebral artery and compresses it, narrows the larynx and penetrates the spinal canal occupying 1 \ 2 of its lumen and displacing spinal cord. She strangles the girl and is likely to be completely paralyzed.

To date, Ruslana has undergone 1 of 16 units of chemotherapy. For further treatment in the clinic of Belarus requires 37 000-40 000 US dollars, the amount is not fixed and may change during treatment. To date, $ 10,000 has been raised by family and friends and colleagues. But $ 30,000 is still not enough, which at the NBU exchange rate is currently equivalent to UAH 764,620.11.
We, the representatives of the For the Children of Ukraine Charitable Foundation, appeal to all concerned people for help and ask them to join!
Ruslana needs you very much!

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