04 october 2017

Help Kubari Viktoria heal the ailment! (I stage of collection)

March 12, 2017 near the metro station Truskavets (TOV "International clinic of the supreme rejoicing") Reach out!

9 223 ₴ Collected: 9 223 ₴

Project objectives

Recently, Tetyana, the mother of Viktoria Kubari, came to us for help. Girls at the age of 7 years and її diagnosis – infantile cerebral palsy, spastic tetraperesis syndrome.
The girl, with her brother Andriyk (twins), was born on 05/09/2010, but from the very little stench they demand a permanently qualified exuberance, so they appeared in the world at the 28th vacancy.
For an hour, the fathers went through a difficult path of trying and fighting for a healthy life of two of their dearest people – Viktoria and Andriyka.
Vіkusya completed 15 courses of rehabilitation, traveled to special sanatoriums and periodically took courses of massage and exercise therapy. With small ale-singing crocs, the girl collapses to the point of improving her health.
That little Vikusya could develop, like mustache children, she needs to undergo skin rehabilitation courses for 1.5-2 months.
Chergovy course is already scheduled for 12 March 2017 at the city of Truskavets, Lviv region (TOV “International clinic of the best education”), the amount of which stock is 9 222.5 UAH.
The fathers, languishing two ailing children, have already exhausted all the protection.
So, let’s not be shy, let’s help the little Victor at once, what a child is like that in all life!
Reach out!

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