15 november 2021

Let’s give sweet presents with a toy to children from Ulyanovsk together!

To present a "New Year's miracle" to 100 kids from "Ulyanovsk Special School" you need to collect 43,500 UAH. Join us!

43 500 ₴ Collected: 43 500 ₴

Project objectives

For 5 years, every winter on New Year’s holidays, with the help of caring people, we give children a fairy tale and unforgettable emotions. After all, New Year and Christmas are the most mysterious holidays that promise dreams come true for everyone who believes in miracles.
And this year we again want to give at least a small “New Year’s miracle” to 100 kids from the most remote institution of our country, where guests come very rarely – the Municipal Institution of Sumy Regional Council “Ulyanovsk Special School”.
Therefore, the NGO “For the Children of Ukraine” starts raising funds for the purchase of sweet New Year’s gifts with a soft toy.
The cost of 1 gift is UAH 426.44.
And in order to buy 100 gifts, including delivery, you need to collect 43,500 UAH.

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