01 december 2021

Let’s give a New Year’s miracle to Zakordonets Nikita together! Join us!

Nikita is 6 years old. All this time, parents do their best to improve the child's condition. The cost of the trolley is UAH 35,042. Join us!

35 042 ₴ Collected: 35 042 ₴

Project objectives

“Mom, I want to stomp like all the kids!” – such a phrase my mother hears from the tiny lips of Nikita, who from the first days has to fight for his own life: prematurely born in critical condition, 4 days in intensive care, then – a month in the neonatal pathology department. As a result, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia.
Now Nikita is 6 years old. All this time, without weekends and holidays, they do their best to improve the child’s condition. Through pain and tears, the boy diligently goes to his goal. Nikitki has to overcome 6-7 hours of physical rehabilitation at home every day. Daily work gives results: Nikitka is a very smart, positive and promising boy, he talks a lot and knows a lot of poems at his age. However, there are far fewer achievements in physical development … The child has no skills of independent movement, he sits only with support.

High muscle tone does not allow the child to move forward. Nikita underwent two Ulzibat surgeries and now needs long-term, regular and costly rehabilitation.
Next year Nikitka has to go to the first grade… But in order for the boy to have the opportunity to study with all the children, to have full communication with peers, he needs an active type of wheelchair.
The cost of the trolley is UAH 35,042. Mom is always with her son, only dad works. All their funds are directed to the treatment and rehabilitation of their son, so they are not able to provide him with such a necessary technical means of transportation.
We sincerely believe in your good hearts!
Help give the boy such a great opportunity! Let it be a little New Year’s Miracle for him!

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