25 july 2018

Let’s help Darinka achieve the main goal together!

Volynets Darynka needs to undergo another rehabilitation course at the "Victoria Rehabilitation Center" LLC, which costs UAH 15,400.

15 400 ₴ Collected: 15 400 ₴

Project objectives

On November 11, 2018, the next rehabilitation course is planned for Volynets Darynka at the Victoria Rehabilitation Center LLC (Boryspil, Kyiv region), the cost of which is UAH 15,400.
When Darinka’s mother, Iryna, first turned to us for help in rehabilitation, the girl could not walk, did not talk, did not even hold a spoon in her hand.
Thanks to our help and efforts, Darynka’s progress is amazing! She already speaks, walks and even runs, eats on her own. Another great achievement is that Darinka went to a regular kindergarten!
So let’s not stop and help her achieve her main goal – to recover completely!
We really hope for your understanding and further participation in the fate of the girl!

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