16 april 2018

Bogdanchyk also deserves to see this world!

The cost of one implant is UAH 25,968. and payment must be made by April 23.

25 968 ₴ Collected: 25 968 ₴

Project objectives

Bohdan Zinkevych is now 8 years old and lives with his parents in the village of Brivky Pershi, Andrushiv district, Zhytomyr region.
Thanks to your help and support, two years ago he was diagnosed with endogenous uveitis of both eyes of unknown etiology, complicated cataract of both eyes, clouding of the vitreous of both eyes, overgrowth of pupils in both eyes, the boy successfully underwent two surgeries at Okhmatdyt Hospital in Kyiv.
But, unfortunately, not everything is so good .. recently Bogdan began to lose his eyesight sharply, complications began – cystic deformity of the detachment of the neuroepithelium in both eyes, loss of vision in the left eye from 40% to 10%.
Bogdanchyk needs an urgent operation to implant an OZURDEX implant. The first operation is scheduled for April 27, in a month will need to operate on the right eye.
The cost of one implant is UAH 25,968, and payment must be made by April 23. For parents, this amount is unaffordable and very little time ..
We ask you to join and give Bogdanchyk a chance for a full life!

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