26 january 2016

Bohdan Zinkevych (II stage of the collection)

Bogdan, who lost his sight sharply, underwent eye surgery. The boy could already see a little with one eye. The second similar operation on the second eye is planned.

20 000 ₴ Collected: 20 000 ₴

Project objectives

At present, the situation in Ukraine is such that more and more children are getting sick every day. And it is unfortunate that most families do not have the financial means to provide their children with full treatment. But a child who needs medical intervention to be fully healthy must get everything he needs. That is why our Charitable Foundation “For the Children of Ukraine” helped and continues to do so in relation to seriously ill children.
One such child is 5-year-old Bohdan Zinkevych, who lives with his parents in the village of Brivky Pershi, Andrushivka district, Zhytomyr region. In May last year, he had a problem – his eyesight began to fall sharply. His diagnosis is endogenous uveitis of both eyes of unknown etiology, complicated cataract of both eyes, clouding of the vitreous of both eyes, overgrowth of the pupils in both eyes.

Bogdan has already undergone many courses of treatment in various medical institutions. On May 12, he underwent his first operation to remove adhesions, lens and replace the vitreous. At the end of the operation, the vessel burst. Hemorrhage in the eye is now being treated.
Earlier on our website, we reported on the boy’s condition and noted that his eyesight had dropped to a critical condition – 1%. Now, after the operation, the boy can see a little with one eye. In one and a half to two months, a second similar operation on the second eye is planned, after which Bogdanchyk will be given glasses. But he still has to replace the lenses.
Bohdan’s vision treatment is very expensive. The parents have already spent a significant amount of money. And there is an operation and rehabilitation ahead. So now this family needs our financial and moral support. We urge everyone who cares to help Bogdan regain his sight and give him the opportunity to fully see this world!

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