23 july 2021

Baglay Timur needs your help! Join us!

Baglay Timur needs your help! The next rehabilitation is scheduled for September 3, 2021, and its cost is UAH 30,280. Join us!

30 280 ₴ Collected: 30 280 ₴

Project objectives

We turn to you for help for Timur Baglay, born on October 15, 2014.
At the age of 1.3 he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. The usual treatment did not help, and having collected all the funds, at 1 year and 8 months, my mother took Timur to MKVL Kozyavkin. They 100% confirmed the diagnosis. In the clinic they passed 3 courses, in the first year there were changes, the next two – to no avail.
Then there were rehabilitation courses: Odessa RC “House with an Angel” – received a comprehensive rehabilitation. In this center, they have advanced mentally. In Boryspil RC “Free Movement” – comprehensive rehabilitation. Muscle tone has decreased, back muscles have been strengthened, and it has become better to stay upright. In Kharkiv, Rostock Zhyttia RC – they have already completed 11 courses here. Timur has excellent results. Already for the first 6 courses Timur crawled, sat down, began to eat independently. The effect of the procedures lasts a long time and is always there. According to the state program, they got to the RC “Step by Step” in Kyiv – in this center only spasticity decreased after the course. In addition to all this, the mother deals with her son at home massages, exercise therapy, neuropsychologist.
Timur is a very happy and positive child, loves books, dreams of becoming a doctor. This year he is already in the 1st grade. At this stage, he is fighting for independent walking and he has every chance!
The next rehabilitation is scheduled for September 3, 2021, and its cost is UAH 30,280. But, unfortunately, this is a lot of money for a mother who raises her son herself.
Please respond to our request for help!

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